50 Tools and Apps for The Aussie Amazon Entrepreneur

Yep, even if you’re an Amazon newbie, you can, and you should, try to minimize the manual work. So, dive in this list of 50 Amazon tools that I put together for ya and start saving your precious time.

For starters, click a category you’re interested in:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Multi-channel
  3. FBA Tools
  4. Pricing & Repricing
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Scouting
  7. Business Analytics
  8. Seller Ratings
  9. All-In-One Tools

1. Inventory Management

Inventory management can take SO MUCH of your time. And time… Well, just think about the better uses of your time like sipping Mojitos, Margaritas or any other kind of alcohol while waiting for your sales to come in.

Need I point further reasons why you want to save time?

Volume Listing by Amazon

If you’re on a budget, the least you can do to save time is bulk listing.

Start with Amazon’s native Volume Listing tool. It wants you to use spreadsheets which can get on your nerves, but, hey… It’s free! And Amazon’s help site will guide you through setting up these spreadsheets.

The Volume Listing Tool by Amazon also supports FBA shipment management and label printing.

Refund Retriever

Here’s another great way to save time! The blokes behind Refund Retriever will track all of your due shipping refunds, apply for them and then resolve any issues, exchange all the emails and make all the calls for you.

Your job is to sit back and watch the money coming back in (because they provide you with analytics, woo-hoo!). They charge a percentage of successful refunds which makes the service worth trying out.


If you’re already using Amazon Seller Central, chances are you’ll love TradeGecko because it syncs with the Seller Central and automates your inventory management. All in the cloud. One of the neat things about it is your own private wholesale store. You can share it with anyone you want.

Oh, and it features a mobile app!


Veeqo is all about inventory management. The cool thing about it is that it updates your stock levels in real-time so you’ll never have to worry about overselling.

And, also, Veeqo will connect your inventory with all of your stores. The stock levels sync and update between stores auto-magic-ally!

Inventory Lab

Like Veeqo, Inventory Lab is all about inventory management. It’s different than other tools because it goes through the entire IM process with you. Inside the app you can do research, list in volume on Amazon, track your inventory levels, look at reports and even do basic accounting.

2. Multi-channel

For those of you who already have an Amazon (or eBay) store: It’s time to think about your next step.

Use these tools to move multi-channel quickly, reach more people and start makin’ muchos cashola.


Ever wanted to try selling on eBay, too?

“Yeah, that’s a great idea, Neil… All I need to do is export and then import ALL of my listings”

Ich nay on the sarcasm!

JoeLister is here to bring joy (pause to appreciate stupid pun) in your life as a seller. It claims that it can copy all of your Amazon listings to eBay in 5 minutes. And it’s free to try. If you ever wanted to take a stab at multi-channel, try this tool.

Export Your Store

Yeah, they could have worked on their brand name… But, on the other hand, it’s pretty obvious what you can do with it, right? It’s a tool that helps you export your store from eBay to Amazon. Like JoeLister, it’s a great way to step into multi-channel because it’s pretty straightforward and easy-to-use. Export Your Store supports sync and update between Amazon and eBay. Pretty cool!

Seller Active

What I like about Seller Active is that it notifies you about competitor prices in real time. And it also tells you what shipping providers offers the lowest price. Seller Active can be a bit steep in terms of prices but it integrates with just about any marketplace you can conceive. If you want to reach more people and up your game, it might just be your thing.


If you’re sick and done with spreadsheets, Linnworks is your savior. It allows you to create single and variation listings (so neat!) and integrates with a ton of selling channels. One of the best perks of this tool is the repricing feature.

Bye-bye spreadsheets!

A Seller Tool

A Seller Tool is actually A BUNCH of seller tools because it does it all—scouting, batch listing, order fulfillment and shipment. With A Seller Tool you can scan a barcode and instantly find out the price. Even without internet.


Sellbrite is another multi-channel platform that supports a huge number of marketplaces. You can use it to list and sell your products on eBay, Amazon, Shopify and even Etsy. Sellbrite will  import your existing listings and auto-build new listings for you.


Ever wondered how you can reach even more people FOR FREE?

Well, get this: Some nice folks have built a mobile app that posts your listings to… everywhere. It pre-fills your forms and allows you to post on Kijiji, ClassAdLister.com, osclass, Amazon, backpage, eCrater, Etsy, blujay, ClassifiedAds.com, craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, hoobly, and more, and more.


Vendio is one of the simple and cheap multi-channel solutions out there. It works with Amazon, eBay, OpenSky, Google, Facebook and even your own online store. It’s got all the multi-channel perks like order management, shipping management and cross-platform sync.

3. FBA Tools

Already using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)? Well, that’s cool!

Now you don’t have to handle shipping and fulfillment on your own… You’ve got a brand-new set of problems.

Seriously, if you’re worried about preparing your products for shipping, shipping them to Amazon Fulfillment Centers or creating shipping plans, these tools will help allay your headaches.

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

Let’s start with Amazon’s native (and free!) tools.

You’re new to FBA? Wondering if you should bother with it?

Amazon’s calculator will help you find out exactly how many dollars you’re going to save by using their services. It gives you a real-time cost comparison between your current fulfillment and their offering.

Nice move, Amazon! Nice move…

Restock PRO

For those of you who are already big in the FBA game, there is Restock PRO. This nifty tool gives you a dashboard and an overview of your entire inventory so that you can make better decisions about your FBA biz.

FBA Toolkit

Another awesome free tool!

This website analyzes Amazon’s data and gives you estimates on prices and sales rank for a number of industries. That’s a great way to gain market insight and get a bit more strategic with your pricing.


Sellics is THE All-In-One Tool for FBA sellers on this list. It’s got all the features you need: a profit dashboard, business analytics and SEO tools. You can use to research keywords, plan and optimize PPC campaigns and even spy on competitors.


ScanLister offers you a simple 5-step process for scanning and uploading products on Amazon FBA. The website says it allows you to list, label, and ship over 100 Items per hour. It also prints the shipping labels for you.

Pretty impressive, huh?

4. Pricing & Repricing

If you price right, you’re gonna win the game, amigo. That’s what Amazon sales is all about.

Don’t rely on your gut feelings or your personal psychic to tell you what to price. Your competitors are updating their prices in REAL TIME using these tools. You can do the same.


Like A Seller Tool, Neatopricer allows you to scan a barcode and get the price instantly. It works online and offline and is right there, on your phone. It works with ISBN, UPC or EAN.

Get price spying even when you’re on the go.

Price Checker 2.0

This one is for the wholesale people.

Say, for example, you’ve got a list of thousands of products. This tool will scan it, calculate the FBA fees and find the winning wholesale products. It basically tells you what products are fast-turnover and have the highest profit margin.

Scope by Seller Labs

Wondering what price tag to put?

It’s more about what price tag you CAN put based on how your competition is pricing. With Scope you can research their prices and build a pricing strategy.

It even works with the Amazon catalog and allows you to sort it by sales rank. You can also upload spreadsheets and bulk research products.

Seller Republic

Now let’s talk repricing in real time. Ah, miracles of modern tech…

This tool allows you to set minimum and maximum prices and it then does the repricing for you. Live and automatic. It’s also got a dashboard which allows you to look at stats and track your pricing history.


Sellery offers a completely different strategy than Seller Republic. It doesn’t have algorithms to help you win the Buy Box. It gives you the tools to build and test different strategies for winning it yourself.


This is another automatic repricing tool which takes this burden off your shoulders. And, therefore, gives you more time to sip those drinks by the beach (or pool).

Besides standard repricing features, SmartPrice lets you reprice at specific times during the day.


This automatic repricing tool claims it has the best algorithm on the market. It allows you to target specific competitors which can help tune your strategy.

Unlike other tools, it re-prices very often (at 15 minute intervals).


Teikametrics is meant for FBA sellers and it has a ton of features to help you with repricing.

If you’re crazy about analytics data, this tool can give you all the insights, graphs and dashboards you crave. It helps you build a repricing strategy, analyzes your profits and even manages your sponsored ads.

5. Keyword Research

On the scale from 1 to 10, choosing the right keywords for your listing title and content is a solid 15. You see, if consumers can’t find you… You’re not going to be making any sales.

Don’t be one of the people who overlook keyword research. Use these awesome tools to be on page one of the Amazon search results.

Keyword Inspector

This tool will give you accurate data about what people are searching for on Amazon. It helps you identify a profitable niche and it’s got a database of over 50 million buyer keywords. Pretty solid.

You can use their Amazon Search Optimizer tool for free to scan and optimize your listings. Woo-hoo!

Keyword tool by Scientific Seller

Hear this: it’s the slowest Amazon keyword tool!

The website says this allows you to find “black sheep” keywords that your competitors don’t know about and do PPC at $0.01. They say it’s using a new scientific algorithm and it’s very accurate which is why it’s slow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued.


Merchantwords has a smaller database than other tools (20M keywords) but it’s also on the cheaper end at just $9/mo.

6. Scouting

Harken Unto Me: An Amazon seller has to be all James Bond all the time. Or, Austin Powers, if that’s your signature style.

The point is, you need to be a world-class spy! You need to know what your competition is doing and adjust your strategy accordingly.

That’s why these scouting tools are your best friends.

Ecom Spy

If you’re an FBA seller (or planning to be), eComSpy will give you all the insider information you might need before adding an item to your inventory. It will tell you how many sellers are offering it, what their prices are, how the item ranks and even what reviews it’s getting.

What I liked most about this super-charged little app is that it’s “pay-as-you-go”. It works with credits and you can use your credits to spy on competitors whenever you like. There are no monthly fees which makes it perfect if you’re brand-new to this scouting thing.

How Many Extension

Question: How do the coolest Amazon spies roll?

Answer: They get all the data they need WHILE browsing Amazon.

Install this Chrome extension and you’ll be able to see how many items your competitors have in stock for any listing inside of the Amazon catalog.

Pretty neat-o, huh?

Ninja Scan

Every serious spy has tools for when they’re on the go.

Ninja Scan is for you if you see an opportunity in every barcode. You point your smartphone to the barcode and this app gives you stats and sales rank and even calculates the profit margin for you.

You can even use the built-in listing tool to jump in the game in a couple of minutes.

Profit Bandit

ProfitBandit claims to be the fastest scanning tool—it can give you item data in 5 seconds!

Another really cool feature is that it tells you who has the Buy Box and if you’ll be competing with Amazon themselves.

Sales Rank Tool by Synccentric

This tool is for you if you’re obsessed with sales ranks.

Not only does it track sales ranks for you in real time but it can also show you data for Amazon local sites. It works with both keywords and any type of unique identifier you can conceive.


Looking to expand your mobile spying toolset?

Scoutify is another app that shows you how your competitors are pricing. Unlike other scouting apps, it tells you how your existing items are doing compared to the competition.

So, this app is more about calculating how much profit you’re already getting on an item and if you can increase it. It’s not about getting ideas for new items to sell.


What do I like about this app? The cute bunny icon, of course. You should definitely download it just to have a barcode with bunny ears on your iPhone.

Besides this obvious benefit, ScoutRabbit gives you sales rank, total offers and lowest prices across a number of platforms. So, if you’re selling multi-channel, this is definitely worth checking out.

7. Business Analytics (anal lick tics)

So, my luscious lascivious Amazon Entrepreneur, one thing you need to do is spy on the competition. But you also need to keep track of your own biz and know how you’re doing.

Scouting isn’t enough. That’s why I’ve added a set of biz analytic’s apps on the list.


This tool is one-of-a-kind. It connects to Amazon, downloads all of your data and gives you various insights. SellerTools builds upon Amazon’s native reporting to give you a better view of how you’re doing.

It shows you revenue trends for a single product, top 50 grossing products, most loyal customers, etc.

Maybe the coolest feature is the Feedback Generator which sends automatic emails to your customers and asks them to leave a review.


Ever dreamed of a beautiful all-in-one dashboard? HelloProfit is your dream come true. It will show you your gross sales at a glance, how many people requested for a promotion, how you’re ranking for different keywords, and so on, and so on.

If you’ve been trying to do all that with spreadsheets, this app will save you a ton of time and facepalms.

Manage By Stats

Here’s another all-in-one analytics dashboard that will provide you with all the graphs you may need. It shows you data on products, sales, performance, inventory, etc. It’s also searchable.

One interesting feature: This app will predict when you’ll need to restock and it will send you a notification.


Real-time profit analysis for Amazon sellers… You look at the dashboard, your sales flowing in, and you can almost hear the virtual ka-ching!

Of course, Sellvizor is more than just a way to impress a lady by showing her how many dollars you’re making per minute. It identifies problems with your listings and even allows you to act on these problems. It also helps you rearrange your listings based on how profitable they are.

8. Seller Ratings

You know ratings are the life and death of an Amazon business. They can also drive a lot of dollaz in the bank because people trust them.

So, how can you get more of your customers to 5-star you? These tools will automate your review management and some of them will even suggest new ways to get more positive reviews.

AMZONE Reviews Club

See, this one is a smart cookie. It knows what customers love and it knows what makes them leave reviews.


Give your customers a discount or even a free product and they will leave you a 5-star review. Of course, AMZOne doesn’t want to be one of those fake review services, so they let you set up all the aspects of your offer—you get to choose your reviewers, limit the number of applicants and set a time limit to your offer.

Perfect if you’re just getting started and you need some reviews to move you closer to the first page. Did I mention the service is free?


Did you know that as many as 90% of people will forget to leave you a review?

And did you know that a bad experience will certainly make them hunt you down and spill the blood and guts of your Amazon store?

FeedbackFive is an all-in-one seller rating management tool that offers ways to solicit feedback from customers, review negative and neutral feedbacks received, monitor trends, request removal of negative feedback, and even manage Amazon Product Reviews.

Feedback Genius

This is another tool that sends automated emails and prompts people to leave you a review. That’s really cool but here’s what’s even cooler: It prompts people to leave you a review based on the time when your item arrived.

Now, THAT is smart. You deserve the genius badge, Feedback Genius.!

Review Kick

Let me reiterate a point I made a couple of paragraphs before: What is the easiest way to get people to leave you an honest review?

No, it’s not a cute picture of your puppy. No, it’s not the amazing product you sent them. And no, it’s not even the handwritten note you slipped in…

It’s a discount! Simple as that: Send them a coupon and ask for an honest review. They get what they want. You get what you want.

ReviewKick helps you set up these coupons and discounts and even add a sequence of automated emails to send them to customers.


BQool is indeed pretty cool. It’s a combination of a repricing + feedback tool.

And I’m digging their promise, too: Knock out the competition.

Yep, smart repricing and lots of 5 stars are pretty much what you need to move the competition out of your way.

9.  All-In-One Tools

What’s cooler than being cool?

Having an all-in-one Amazon tool!

Woot! If I wasn’t a successful entrepreneur, I guess you’d be seeing a lot of me rappin’ on da screen.

So, I left these all-in-one tools as the final treat for ya. If you want a one stop shop for your Amazon store management, these tools are what you’re looking for.


This is made by the folks behind the review tool I just showed you. It’s a complete Amazon all-in-one kit which gives you keyword tracking, sales tracking, price scouting and more. It even analyzes your listings and gives you tips about how to optimize them.

Azon Seller Tools

I love the personal feel of their website!

The Azon Seller Tools are all about  keyword optimization of your listings. They will help you build a killer listing that customers will be able to find quickly and will love reading.

It’s really a whole bag of keyword tools that I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere. Worth checking out.

Solid Commerce

Yep, it’s pretty solid.

This all-in-one tool connects with your Amazon account directly. You can use it to upload new listings and update old ones.

It’s also got an automatic repricing feature and it allows you to create variation listings. This means it saves you a ton of time!

Amazon Seller App

And, here is the last item on this list, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s the Amazon Seller App. You can use it to manage inventory, find new products to sell and even fulfill orders. It works on both iPhone and Android.

What do you think?

What apps or online tools do YOU use to manage your Amazon store and drive more sales?

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Neil Asher